AI-powered Tools for Social Media Marketing: Benefits and Applications

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A great amount of social media marketing and online branding has been altered by artificial intelligence. From targeting the audience to analyzing their replies, it has streamlined marketing plans and outlooks. In artificial intelligence, machines are made more intelligent by modifying them. The market for artificial intelligence in social media is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2023.

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Benefits of AI in social media

Chatbots powered by AI

Using AI-powered chatbots for client service has increased the level of automaticity of client communication significantly. By using AI, brands can better serve their clients.

Artificial intelligence is a helpful tool for answering client queries precisely in social media marketing. Besides handling a large volume of data, it also offers tailor-made customer service. Human customer service councils can now bid farewell to time zone mismatches and inefficient time loss.

As a result, users can solve snags more quickly, and their grievances are resolved more rapidly. Using chatbots powered by artificial intelligence helps improve business quality and customer service.

Recognizing images

Did you know that Facebook (Meta), the world’s largest social media platform, automatically knows your face in photos and suggests people tag? Snapchat uses AI to recommend filters based on your facial specs.

The use of AI in social media has a huge impact. Facebook also uses various other tools to stop unsuitable image content from being posted. Artificial intelligence can predict and even suggest actions through image recognition and computer vision capabilities.

Data and identity theft have been intensely reduced by artificial intelligence. Apart from that, users can use platforms more effectively when they know their data is secure.

Enhance revenue growth

AI learns from data, so it can use social media audience data in many ways to increase revenue.

  • Find out what headlines, words, and images attract the most engagement in your posts
  • Identify new audiences and trends using sentiment analysis
  • Use social media to target people who are likely to buy more and take action


In addition to reducing costs, AI can improve efficiency and automate your social media marketing activities. AI can:

  • Create social media content automatically and at scale
  • Create creative that automatically resizes and reformats for different channels
  • Control the amount of money spent on social media ads by targeting audiences automatically

Applications of AI


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence dominate LinkedIn’s professional space. Candidates are sorted out by LinkedIn using various algorithms based on a firm’s needs.


Those of you who have visited Pinterest to find ideas for new room decor or to organize your bookshelf know how precise the suggestions are. To show only relevant results, Pinterest will use Artificial Intelligence tools to recommend and display those results.


Among social media platforms, Facebook was perhaps one of the first to introduce Artificial Intelligence. To improve the overall experience, multiple AI-powered tools have been implemented.

Final words

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