Various strategies to Get more traffic, better leads and new customers.

Various strategies to Get more traffic, better leads and new customers.

It’s not enough to simply have the best product and services on the market.As a business owner,you have to create an active plan for helping customers find you and give them an incentive for trying you out.

We refer to as capturing and generating more traffic and better leads.Lead generation should be a continuous process,not a one time quick fix.There are 5 strategies to get you more traffic,better leads and new customer.

1.Firstly lead generation by creating a process.


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 Focus is everything.If you don’t have a system in place you need to get one to help you capture customer information.This helps you to keep in regular contact with your customers so that you can form an ongoing relationship with them,and let them know about special offers.

A better method for capturing customer information is having a contact form on your website which you can store email addresses. Another method you might be offering freebies for people who sign up for the email newsletter.

This will help you to refine your marketing strategy by putting most of your energy into the areas that give greatest profit and highest quantity of sales.You can’t try this if you don’t understand wherever your sales are coming from.

 2.Establish yourself as an expert

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It’s also a known fact that customer buy from customer they trust, and people usually trust anyone who they perceive to be an expert in their industry.

You can gain credibility as an expert simply by increasing your public profile. Striking up relationships with bloggers in your local area and offering to write a guest post for them is one example.

The Second option is to speak at a community event. Each and every  time somebody hears your name and connects it to your industry, you build goodwill as an authority on that subject and gain the ears of potential customers.

Similarly, spend some time doing some SEO practices.In the on-line marketplace,listing high  on google searches lends you credibility,and makes it easy for people to find you.

3.Tailor Marketing Materials To Specific Groups Of People

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This  marketing messages written with a very specific group of people in mind to have the ability to speak or issue amongs that group and offer a remedy which you can provide.

This creates buy-in from the people,and will lead to word-of-mouth publicity,with customers referring other people from a same section of society to you for help.

You may have heard the saying “if everyone is your potential customer,no one will be your actual customer”.It implies that advertising runs the risk of getting lost in the crowd,whereas targeted advertising makes people feel special.

When customers feel  more special, they are more likely to purchase whatever you are offering.

4.Use social media effectively

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Social media is a world without media competence which get potential customers to like your page or post in exchange for a chance to win an amazing prize can bring new potential customers to your social media site.

Turning them into paying customers depend on two main things.

  1. Posting interesting and relevant content on a regular basis.
  2. Include sales-related content same of the time.

To keep regular content appearing on your website without having to keep logging in throughout the day you can use different apps,which lets you schedule content to appear at specific times.

5.Partner up!

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Why does everything for yourself?? Think of businesses in your area that offers complementary products and services, and see if you could add value to their customers somehow.

May be you offer a 10 % discount to customers on that business. This gives  you access to a new customer base and it is a win for the company you are partnering with too.

The main thing is to make more lead generation and to take small steps towards this consistently.spending even an hour a week on lead generation activities will have more benefit if you stick with it.