We all know that social media has become an important part of the business marketing. However, many businesses tend to jump into social media networks without a real strategy or understanding of what works and what does not work.

We have used social media to grow our business .We believe that social media marketing, when used as a part of an online marketing strategy, can be a successful way to amplify your message and engage the target audience.

While social media marketing is still a dynamic and changing space, there are some various rules to follow.

Avoid these common mistakes and you will be placed for social media network success.


1.Focusing On The Quantity Of Followers, Not The quality

It’s great having hundreds of followers, but they are not much use if they are not interested in your businesses.60%of people share product posts on Facebook, so you need to find people interested in yours.

2.Not Posting Engaging Content Regularly.

Status updates should be used to say something interesting. Sometimes people can engage with. Some 176 million people buy products online each year, so you just need to get their attention.

3.Not Converting Followers into Paid Customers.

Conversions are very important for business users. Having thousands of people share your posts is good, but you are not going to benefit from that unless they make a purchase. Only 12%of people who see products advertised on social media will go to make a purchase. For that reason, you need to make sure your posts are as eye-catching as possible.

4.Focusing On Too Many Social Media Channels.

Unless you deal someone specifically with your online efforts, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin.Facebook has 123 billion users at the current time, so you should focus most of your effort on single platform which is depend for your business/service.

5.Having No “Brand Personality”

If People think that your posts are too boring, they are less likely to make a purchase you need to ensure you personalize every status update you publish. For that, you could do with a dedicated social media manager. At the moment, only 22%of companies have one.


The last thing you want to do is spam your audience. If people start to think you are posting too many “silly” updates, they will simply stop viewing your page. Spam accounts for around 14.5 billion messages sent on social media every day.

7.Doing Everything Manually.

Posting all your updates manually is going to take a long time. There are lots of programs and websites out there that allow you to manage everything from within one screen. You can schedule posts and deal with engagement that way. Around 18% of business social media pages are now running  this way.

8.Broadcasting The Same Message Across All Channels.

Even if you want to promote the same product across all your social media accounts, it is a good idea for you to mix things up a little. That is because a certain section of your audience might follow you on multiple sites.

9.Not Having a Strategy At All.

Blindly trying to do the right thing on social networks is not a good idea. You need a strong strategy that has been carefully created.53%of businesses are currently using social media to grow their customer base.90%of they will have a planned strategy.