Are you using the right Keywords for your Plumbing Website??


Are you using the right Keywords for your Plumbing Website??

SEO  or Search Engine optimization is still very important for Plumbing Business offers services like hot water, pipe cleaning, etc.. It is necessary for helping your plumbing Business website to get higher rank in search engine. Below I will reveal how you can use most effective keyword research tools to help your plumbing business get indexed and famous by your ideal target audience.

 Why Keywords Are So Important

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Keyword Research is the process of searching and selecting words, terms and phrases users will search when looking for types of product and services that your business offers. Conducting effective keyword analysis enables you to decide the most relevant keyword for your audience. This, helps google’s understand your website and services, hence will suggest you to users searching for your specific services.

Using  Google keyword Research Tool:

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Use Google keyword Planner to see what services your customers are searching for and to help you identify the most relevant keywords for your website. By using google auto suggest typing the keywords related to your product, however don’t press enter. This will help you to identify long-tail search terms that are relevant to your business that you just want to target.

Selecting the correct Keywords for Your Business:

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By creating the right keyword selection is a balance between the number of customers searching for a specific keyword and the competition for that keyword. The best strategy is to understand and utilizing keyword selection tools in which that help you discover how people are actually searching the internet. How many people are searching for your product, and how much competition did you have, you will know what keywords to focus on and which to leave alone

Additional Keyword Research Tools to Use:

You can take your keyword research to the next level by using a tool like google keyword  suggest. The simple fact that Google dominates the search market, it means this tool is accurate at showing you how a large majority of peoples are using search. Here’s how to use this tool to get your best keyword.

  1. Open the Google keyword tool in your browser.
  2. Type a keyword that you want one page of your website to be about
  3. Keep the “synonyms”” box checked and click “Get Keyword Ideas”
  4. View your keyword results.

Research Competitors’ Keywords Too:

You can use a tool like SEMrush to identify what competitors are competing for the same keyword in search as you. Its also help you identify other keywords that you should be targeting through your on page SEO and the content you plan to create. You can take a top performing content  of competitors with a tool like BuzzSumo and consider creating  content around similar topics/keywords.