Digital Marketing – A Great Way for Small Plumbing Businesses to Grow.


Digital Marketing – A Great Way for Small Plumbing Businesses to Grow.

Owners of a small business that deals with plumbing, or those trying to start out one, should come up with a great online selling strategy to help them market their product and services and raise people’s awareness.



When someone is searching on “Hot Water” or “Pipe Cleaning, Be present on the first page.

Language Targeting: You can target over 40 language options. So choosing your local language is always beneficial.

Time Targeting: Show up your ads when your users are most online. You can get to know what time of day you are getting most of the clicks.

Auto-Tagging: You can also use Tagging destination URLs for analytic’s tracking to be manually executed with other advertisers; however this process is automatic with AdWords.

Re-marketing: Re-marketing helps in showing paid ads to users based on their past activity on your site. Re-marketing allows advertiser to follow users and show ads to them across Google large network of partner sites on the Google Display Network.

Social Media

Show your plumbing services and expertise to the target audience, by –

Discussion Boards – Allows users to engage with each other on your Page.
Events – You can let your Fans know about upcoming promotions, sales and other events.
Links – Make it easy for user to see your business’s main domain name, newsletters or other value-added information.
Images – Visuals are at the top of the online accessibility pyramid: show products, events, etc.
Reviews – Fans can leave reviews about your business. This can be a good tool to interact with your customers and hear honest feedback.
Video – Appealing videos can really help keep your content fresh and interesting so Fans will come back to your page.