How to recognize the best customers of all the prospects?

How to recognize the best customers of all the prospects?


Marketing and sales groups dedicate several hours to following down their ideal customers,and until recently ,business cards were the simplest clues they had.those very small slips of papers were like currency that shows the simplest way to learn about promising leads and connect with them.

However,an “ideal consumer”is really a collection of ideal customers who will take several shapes and forms.Ideal customers will not necessarily  resemble each other on the surface or look however you would possibly expect.

Moreover,knowing someones title,company ,function,and make contact with info is not enough.They do no offer context for that persons day to day responsibility ,expertise,or business desires.

With the wealth of knowledge and analytical tools accessible today,far more opportunities exist to help you understand what your best consumers look like and the way to find them.Identifying the prospects who are most likely to convert and generate price over the long term needs thinking beyond the business card.

When identifying your best customers,there are 3 factors to consider:

  1. Behavior

Your best customer might not all look alike,however, they will exhibit certain behavioral clues. For one factor they will show interest in what you are doing.People that  have visited your website many times or stayed browsing around already engaging with your brand.

Think about what your ideal client acts like and what he or she feels.If you simply focus on demographic parameters,valuable customers may fall through the cracks.Moreover,you will waste time chasing leads that will not convert.

Behavior is far more revealing-the solutions that attract the most active engagement show your current customer’s greatest needs.

Observing  behavior also helps provide context,that productive conservation require.Without contextual info,sales calls are just pitches ,and no conversation need to be more meaningful.

  1. Fit

That said,who a person is and wherever he or she works play a role in narrowing down the field and providing a general plan of what to look for.The foremost effective way to create your ideal client profile and find out whether prospects,match that profile is to use historical knowledge regarding your best customers.

What have the appearances,attitudes,facets,and the characteristics of your valuable consumer historically looked like?This profile should include age,location,ideal business size,and understanding of what other products and services he or she uses in the purchasing process.

Armed with this profile ,how well a prospect fits into it.luckily,the wealth of knowledge out there makes if possible to posses your finger on the pulse of his or her entire digital and social footprint and very perceive who that persons beyond their title.

3. Intent

Though behavior is a person’s interactions with a brand that will simply be tracked,measured,and attributed involves looking at signals occurring outside of these direct interactions along with your brand.

The idea is that your best leads are those people who demonstrate that they are able to get your product.however,someone intention is a process at best,although analytic are changing that.

Customer creating b2b purchase decisions are 70% completed with their research by the time they contact companies to raise queries.that means they are collecting information online and reaching out to peers for insight .All that creates a trail of intent.

By tracking an IP associated with URL,and looking out search and advertising traffic and social media activity,you will be able to figure out what a customer desires and wherever he or she is in the buying process.This makes it potential to reach out what the correct message at the right time.

Remember to consider those factors at both the individual and the company level.

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