Google Adwords

Google Adwords



PPC plays a  vital role  to any  online selling campaign, and can help business owners achieve great  results with low fixed costs. Define simply, advertisers show advertisements on search engines like goggle and bing and pay whenever someone clicks on those ads. This simple method permits users to measure costs and results easily, and can target both local and  international audiences. We here at powered by search are experts in the  field-our digifame media has worked with various brands through several successful campeigns.


  • Establish goals for your PPC campaign.
  • Create a custom account and managed your current account
  • Expand your PPC campaign to other platforms.
  • Optimize your campaign
  • Track, test and improve your PPC strategy so you get better results.


  • All our services are offered on a customized basis, which means that the solution created for you, will be unique and exclusive.
  • We will design the advertisement and services per your specific budget.
  • Open your doors to local customers.
  • Our team of ppc experts ensures that you will be seeing increased leads and conversion rates.