Are you Improving your Business website ???

Are you Improving your Business website ???

Do you remember that….

Seventy five percent of web users check the credibility of a business depend on the website design.This staggering and sobering statistic is a wake-up call informing you the importance of making a first impression with your website.

“So how can I do this?” Stop wondering  and Read on to find out

 1.Make sure your website is responsive and load fast.


Studies have shown that within the online market place you have about 2.6 seconds to win over your customers.So if your website takes longer to load,you are losing customers big time,as very few people will stick around to find out what you have got to mention.

Even if they do,their experience of your business is probably going to be discolored by their frustration of waiting.

 2.Keep up to date with technology.

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You always remember that your site is a reflection of your business and your brand also.So if your website is out of date,not in trend,outdated technology,the likelihood is that your customer think that your business  is out of date and is not relevant to their needs.

If they suppose that you are in trouble because no one chooses to buy from a company that is outdated. So if your website still depends on flash or has not been optimized for mobile phone, then you are falling behind your competition and wish to upgrade your website readily.

 3.Choose Colors Wisely

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 It is very important that your colors have been chosen wisely and not at random.If you are marketing to both genders,consider more neutral colors.Inappropriate colors and design options can be a fatal flaw for small and medium sized businesses.

A great way to check the effectiveness of your color and design choices is to assemble a panel of friends,mates and family together and ask to give feedback.Often  we cannot see the problem with our own website,that’s why it is important to get a fresh perspective.Chances are if your friends and family don’t like it,then general public won’t either.

4. Less is more

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 One of the most personally off-putting things that I find with websites is clutter and disorganization, with or without navigation problems. These often tend to go hand in hand, but even one on its own silent death sentence.

Sometimes business owners just try and do too much.On one page there might be half dozen images,teen links,sidebar,loads of text,three columns and lots of design features. Enough!

Too many choices or options confuse users,which means they don’t act and they don’t purchase from you.Always opt for simplicity and test it on your friends first.


Your site is the most attractive marketing tool you possess.Its simply not worth cutting corners in or you will lose out.Take the time to hire a professional to give you a fresh,modern and clean appearance-one that is aligned with the latest technology and optimized for mobile devices.